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Hello and welcome to the Large Quartz Crystal Cluster page. On this page I will be showing you some of the larger quartz crystal cluster I have. I hope you have taken the opportunity to view some of my other web pages of quartz crystals. Eventually I will have all my pages back up and running. I experienced a small problem and had to shut down and completely start over. It takes awhile to upload, list, and describe the many crystal on the various pages but I am working hard to get the job done.

My name is Bill and I have mined, collected, cleaned and done just about anything and everything there is to do that involves Arkansas Quartz Crystals. I have been involved with Quartz Crystals for about 30 years and have enjoyed every second of it.

I would be glad to answer any questions you may have about Arkansas Quartz Crystals and if you cannot locate a certain type Quartz Crystal let me know and I will do my best to find it. Just contact me using the contact information at the bottom of each web page.

This page will have several sample of large quartz clusters. Due to the size of the Clusters I will have 3 sample photos of each Cluster. For example Cl-03, CL-03a, & CL-03b will be photos of the same cluster showing different views of the Cluster.


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You can click on any thumbnail to see a larger version of the Cluster


LC-03, $100.00. (SOLD) (Re-Healed Base)

(LC-03) Weight = 3 lbs, 2 ozs. The main point length =7 inches. The second point measures 3 inches. Also see photo LC-3a

LC-3a, Price = $100.00 (SOLD) (Bargain price)

(LC-3a) Both the 7 inch long main point and the 3 inch secondary point have Self-Healed base. Take a look also at LC-3b.

LC-3b, $100.00 (SOLD)Cluster has very nice clear quality

(LC-3b) The Cluster has very nice clear quality and sits up for a super display. The main Point does have a flaw on its tip. The secondary point is in great condition. Very beautiful specimen. Priced to sell quick.

LC-04, $150.00 (SOLD) (Window)

Cluster Weight = 5lbs 2ozs, Cluster measures 7 inches X 6 inches. Has Window on one of the larger points. Cluster Points have nice clear quality and is in really good condition. (See 4a and 4b)

LC-04a, (SOLD) $150.00

(LC-04a) The Cluster sits really nice on its base. The Cluster will actually sit in 4 different positions. The Cluster actually has 3 sides that are flat enough to allow the Cluster to sit up on each edge. Or it can sit on its origanal base. (Also see 4b)

LC-4b, (SOLD) $150.00

(LC-4b) Cluster is in good condition with lots of nice points. The area on the cluster where no points are visable is 100% beautifully Self-Healed.

LC-05, $150.00 (SOLD)

(LC-05) Weight = 4 lbs, Main long point = 7.50 inches. 2nd long point = 5.75 inches in length. Both points have very nice clear quality. Long point in good condition with tiny flaw. 2nd point has some tip damage. (See 5a and 5b)

LC-05a, $150.00 (SOLD)

(LC-05a) Cluster display really nice. Has a very nice clear quality. (See 5b)

LC-5b, $150.00 (SOLD)

(LC-5b) This Cluster is 100% Crystal with no matrix anywhere on it. Nice long main Point.

LC-06, $150.00 (SOLD) (Many Extras)

(LC-06) Cluster weight = 3lbs 1oz. Cluster measures 8 inches long X 4.75 inches wide. I have located Isis face, at least 4 Timeline, several Channeling Faces, and one very nice Double Terminated Point. (See 06a & 06b)

LC-06a, $150.00 (SOLD)

(LC-06a) This cluster is covered with many beautiful points. The points have very nice clear quality and the cluster is in great condition. (See 06b)

LC-06b, $150.00 (SOLD)

(LC-06b) The cluster sits great and displays perfect on its base. The Cluster is 100% Re-Healed and has some beautiful Crystal formations of its own.

LC-07, $120.00 (SOLD) (Isis, Channeling Faces)

(LC-07) Cluster weight = 4lbs 14ozs. Cluster measures 7 inches long X 5.75 inches. I have located at least 2 Isis faces and several Channeling faces. So many crystal points could have so much more. (See also 07a and 07b)

LC-07a, $120.00 (SOLD) (Extras)

(LC-07a) The cluster is loaded with so many very clear crystal points. The Cluster is in very good condition. (See also LC-07b)

LC-07b, $120.00 (SOLD) (Beautiful)

(LC-07b) The cluster sit great on its base and does have 2nd option for displaying. Cluster has 1 thicker edge that allows the cluster to stand on that edge.

LC-08, $120.00 (SOLD) (Isis, Timelines, Windows, Channeling Faces)

(LC-08) Cluster weight = 3 lbs, 14ozs. Cluster measures 10 inches long X 5.50 inches wide at the widest area. I have located several Windows, Several Timelines, Several Channeling Faces, and at least 2 Isis faces. (See also 08a and 08b)

LC-08a, $120.00 (SOLD) (Many Extras)

(LC-08a) The cluster is loaded with lots of very clear and shiny quartz crystal points. The cluster is in very nice condition and does have a few points with some flaws. Cluster has nice formations. (See also 08b)

LC-08b, $120.00 (SOLD) (Nice Formations)

(LC-08b) The Cluster sits up fantastic for a great display. One end of the Cluster curves upward and this part of the cluster does not touch where it is sitting. Base is very thin & 100% Self-Healed and the base has a few crystals on it also.

LC-09, $100.00 (SOLD)

(LC-09) Cluster weight = 3lbs, 14ozs. Cluster measures 9 inches long X 6 inches wide. The Cluster would actually classify as a Burr type Cluster with crystals on both sides. (See also 09a and 09b)

LC-09a, $100.00 (SOLD)

(LC-09a) This Cluster is completely covered with super clear shiny crystal points. This Cluster is in Great condition. The points on the cluster are of a small size and the cluster also has several Double Terminations. (See also 09b)

LC-09b, $100.00 (SOLD)

(LC-09b) This Cluster does have a Burr Cone along one edge of the cluster. The cluster measures about 1.75 inches thick at the thickest area & that is where the Burr cone is found. Base is flat & cluster displays beautifully & does have many crystals on base side of cluster.

CL-10, $175.00 (SOLD)

(CL-10) Cluster weight = 4lbs, 8ozs. Cluster measures 10.25 inches long X 6.50 inches wide. I have located a Penetrated Crystal and at least one Timeline and one Window on the Cluster. (See also 10a and 10b)

CL-10a, $175.00 (SOLD)

(CL-10a) The Cluster has many very nice and really clear crystal points. This Cluster is in really super nice condition. The largest main point on the Cluster measures 6 inches long & lies down accross the Cluster. (Also see 10b)

CL-10b, $175.00 (SOLD)

(CL-10b) The Cluster has very flat base and the Base is 100% Self-Healed. The base also is nice and thin and is Translucent if held up to the light. This is a very nice cluster

LC-11, $850.00 (SOLD) (Many extras)

(LC-11) Burr Type Cluster. Cluster weight = 10lbs, 14ozs. The Cluster measures about 13 inches long, 6 inches wide and has various thickness sizes. I have located Phantoms, Channeling Crystals, Timelines, Tantric Twin crystal and Double Terminations. (See also 11a and 11b)

LC-11a, (SOLD) $850.00 (Burr Type cluster)

(LC-11a) This Cluster has many different sized points. Many of the points especially the large ones have Phantoms inside. One of the main points is a Double termination that is a Tantric Twin on one end & has Phantom in opposite end. This Dt is 4 inches long. (See also LC-11b)

LC-11b, (SOLD) $850.00 (Collector item)

(LC-11b) The Cluster is loaded with beautiful clear points and is in great condition. It Mainly has a Large sized Crystal point on one side and small type on the other. The Cluster does sit and display in a very beautiful manner.

LC-12, $100.00 (SOLD)

(LC-12) Cluster weight = 2 lbs, Cluster measures 6.75 inches long X 5.50 inches wide. I have located several Timelines and at least one Window on the Cluster. Could be lots more. (See 12a and 12b)

LC-12a, $100.00 (SOLD)

(LC-12a) This cluster has a beautiful array of super clear and shiny quartz crystal points. The long main point on this cluster measures 2.75 inches long. The points on the cluster are in very good condition. (See also 12b)

LC-12b, $100.00 (SOLD)

(LC-12b) The Cluster has no Matrix and is 100% Self-Healed. The base portion of the cluster actually has some very unique crystal formations of its own. Base is nice and thin and cluster displays perfect.

LC-15, $350.00 (SOLD) (Collector item)

(LC-15) (SOLD) Cluster weight = 5 lbs. This Cluster has one of the most beautiful formations I can remember seeing. Every crystal has a Termination. Take a look at 15a and 15b.

LC-15a, $350.00 (SOLD) (Unique)

(LC-15a) (SOLD) The large main point measures about 8 inches in length. The main Point splits near its center and another point has grown up between the split. This point is about 4.50 inches long. (See also 15b)

LC-15b, $350.00 (SOLD) (Nice Collector)

(LC-15b) (SOLD) This cluster is in very good condition and has a very nice clear quality. The entire cluster is 100% Self-Healed and is unusually beautifully done. Sits up for good display. One of the coolest clusters I have ever seen.


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